Why Abralon Pads for Bowling Balls

Get ready to tune your bowling ball to the lane condition with Abralon Pads!

Hitting the pocket alone won’t always get you that perfect strike. Those pesky corner pins can turn a great game into a mediocre game. Entry angle and surface are everything in today’s game.

Angle is important and surface can help create angle. As little as 30-60 seconds on a spinner will change that surface/angle and can improve your carry by 20 to 40%. A little more surface can increase the angle and a little less will decrease the angle.

Are you still a little short of the bowling goals you set for yourself this year? Here is something that will hopefully help you achieve them. The following are true stories to illustrate the value of Abralon Pads for Bowling Balls.

True Story # 1 – Abralon Pad Testimonial:

I was practicing a while back and was leaving one ten pen after another (about 3 out of every 4 shots). A young up and coming bowler (averaging in the 190's) commented on the number of 10 pins I was leaving. I stated that I could fix that, but I am just trying to get a smooth armswing and consistent release. Those 10 pins don't bother me. The house pro who was also watching commented "right". Ok, I said, I'll show you. I went to into the pro shop and hit my ball with a 2000 grit pad, back to the lanes and more ten pins. Back to the pro shop and used a 1000 grit pad, back on the lanes and 3 more ten pins. Almost there I said as it had wiggled all 3 times. Another "right" from the pro. Last trip to the pro shop and hit the ball once more with a used 500 pad, probably about a 750 grit. Back on the lanes and using the same ball on the same line, I fired seven strikes in a row. The young bowler was impressed and the pro went off to his office to sulk.

True Story # 2 – Abralon Pad Testimonial:

Very recently 3 of my bowling buddies and I went to a doubles tournament about 85 miles from home. The tournament looked like it was set up for us with 3 squads on the last day of the tournament. We decided to go and bowl all three squads swapping partners on each squad. We were all scratch bowlers with averages in the low 200’s. The “shot” or lane condition did not seem that difficult but when all was said and done we had scored individually one 485 3 game series, ten series between 512 and 585, and one 706 series. A truly abysmal performance. Before starting the last set one of the guys hit his ball lightly with a 500 grit abralon pad, got the read he needed on the lane and scored very well (706). Where the rest of us had our heads, I would rather not say.

Now I believe in Abralon pads for bowling balls! Look up the specifications on about a dozen balls. Most of them, and perhaps all of them, will represent their surface in terms of Abralon grit. If the ball manufacturers use it, then it must be right. Our Pro Shop has Abralon Pads in stock in all the commonly used grits for your convenience.