Benefits & Features of Different Types of Bowling Balls

Not all bowling balls are created equal. A bowling ball can be made of rubber, plastic or urethane. (Please note: Rubber balls are not allowed on the lanes at Ruidoso Bowling Center.) If you would like to improve your game, order a custom bowling ball that fits you instead of always borrowing or renting one from the bowling alley.

Bowling balls are made of distinct materials to provide a different reaction on the lanes you are bowling on. The performance of each will also vary depending on the floor surface.

Bowling balls can be easily ordered from a variety of sources in different weights, colors and price ranges as well different performance levels. Below are few different types of bowling balls that are great for new bowlers to more experienced bowlers. If you would like assistance in ordering the best ball for you, please talk to our Pro Shop staff who will be glad to discuss your needs and show you what we can order for you today!

Entry Level Bowling Balls

An excellent entry level bowling ball for new bowlers and/or casual league bowlers is the Storm Tropical Breeze. The total hook to this bowling ball is low in comparison to other entry level balls making it an excellent choice for newer bowlers or more experienced bowlers in need of a dry lane ball. This ball offers as much hook as the Breeze Solid and more than the Pearl Breezes.

High Performance Bowling Balls

For the more experienced bowler, the Brunswick Nirvana is designed to give a player the most amount of hook potential on medium to oily lane conditions. This high performance bowling ball features a coverstock called Enhanced Composite Segmentation (ECS) designed for lanes with medium to heavy oil. ECS expands the soft segments of the polymer chain producing improved friction and a wider sweet spot resulting in fewer adjustments. ECS technology generates a faster refresh rate and a longer performance life for the coverstock.

Spare Bowling Balls

The Brunswick Tzone is always a great spare ball to have in the arsenal. This is a plastic ball with very little hook potential (25 on a scale from 10-175). The reason why a plastic bowling ball is good for picking up spares is a plastic bowling ball will not provide any strong hook potential, but rather exhibit a long ball skid and a controllable, modest ball motion on the back end. It’s always good to pick up your spares! This ball will allow for pinpoint accuracy to help pick up those challenging spares. It is available in a variety of assorted colors and patterns at very a affordable price. Plastic bowling balls are used by top PBA Tour players and by top amateur bowlers in the country. Choosing a plastic ball for a beginning bowler (or bowlers of all skill levels) can certainly be a useful idea.

No matter what bowling ball you choose, proper care must always be taken to ensure the bowling ball is in great condition at all times. This means it should never be dropped, kept in your car or anyplace where there could be considerable temperature/humidity change. Store your bowling ball at room temperature and in a bag when it is not being used to prevent stress. Give it a polish it from time to time or take it to the pro shop to be refinished.

The customized bowling ball should only be used by the owner. The big reason is because the finger holes are going to be measured to only fit the fingers of the user and no-one else. There are many bowling balls to choose from and the price of them range from $100 to $300. They come in many colors and designs which will stand out in the bowling alley. By looking at the conditions of the bowling alley, the bowler will find the right ball to get the job done. It is always recommended that you consult with your pro shop professional or a local bowling instructor to help you build and choose your bowling equipment arsenal.