Bowling Etiquette, Bowling Courtesy and Bowling Safety

One of the things that frustrates experienced and/or league bowlers is when other bowlers, not familiar with bowling courtesy, jump out in front and bowl when they are preparing to bowl. Not only is this against proper bowling etiquette, but it is also dangerous. In most sports there are ...   READ MORE

Where to Move to Pick Up More Single Pin Spares

One of the challenges many bowlers have is knowing where to move or how to adjust to pick up spares. Here is a big hint. Want to pick up more spares? Of course you do, all bowlers want to pick up more spares. Picking up your spares can make all the difference ...   READ MORE

Benefits & Features of Different Types of Bowling Balls

Not all bowling balls are created equal. A bowling ball can be made of rubber, plastic or urethane. If you would like to improve your game, order a custom bowling ball that fits you instead of always borrowing or renting one from the bowling alley. Bowling balls are made of distinct materials...   READ MORE

Why Abralon Pads for Bowling Balls

Get ready to tune your bowling ball to the lane condition with Abralon Pads! Fall bowling leagues are more than half over, are you still a little short of the goals you set for yourself this year? As some of you are aware just hitting the pocket alone won’t always do the job.   READ MORE

Striking the perfect 300: A bowler's dream

Bowling a perfect 300 game is a cause for celebration, but when two bowlers within a three-month period each score 12 strikes playing with local leagues, the owners of the Ruidoso Bowling Center said it is time for some bragging. Natalie and David Cecil, who consider their 10-lane operation ...  READ MORE

Common Reasons for Leaving the 10 Pin in Bowling

This bowling tips article is on why we leave the ten pin bowling. This is for right-handed bowlers, you lefties will have to reverse everything for the 7 pin. First we must understand that there are two basic reason we leave 10 pins: Hitting Heavy Hitting Light...   READ MORE

How to Deliver a Bowling Ball – Approach to Release

Bowling may seem to be a pretty darn simple game. You knock down pins, score points, trying to knock down as many pins as you can to get a good score. Simple enough right? So why is it so hard to knock down all those pins? The fact is, it is difficult to throw a...   READ MORE


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